Post-deadline Paper (PDP) Submission

Guidlines for Authors



35-word Abstract: The 35-word abstract should be a brief summary of the work. If the submission is accepted for presentation, this 35-word abstract will be included in the Advanced Program.

2-page Summary (up to 2 pages maximum): the author must include all text, including the 35-word abstract, title, authors, equations, tables, photographs, drawings, figures, and references. The text should be typed single-spaced. Refrain from use of asterisk, job descriptions, or footnotes.

Page Format: A4, 8.27 in. × 11.69 in. paper (210 mm by 297 mm) with 1-inch margins (2.54 cm) on all sides

Accepted 2-page summaries will be disclosed on the first day of the conference;

Abstract Templates

Style Guide: Summaries should be prepared according to the guidelines above and should be submitted electronically in PDF format.
- Download the Style Guide in PDF [.pdf]
- Download the Style Guide in MS-Word [.doc]

Please make sure that the file contains no non-English font packages (for example, Japanese fonts, Korean fonts, Chinese fonts, etc.) in the body of the summary as well as in all figures and tables. Any characters in these fonts may not be viewable by reviewers. In the past, we have had particular trouble with MS-PGothic, MS-Gothic, and MS-Mincho.

Copyright License Agreement

The submission form incorporates an IEEE electronic copyright license agreement as part of your submission. No additional mailed documentation is required. After filling and putting your signature, upload it to the submission system. The form is available to download from here and the system in the submission process.

Submission Categories

Please refer to the Topics page:

Presentation Type

Please select an appropriate presentation type since all types of “Oral Only”, “Poster Only” and “Either” are selectable for all conference.
The acceptance notice is scheduled to be issued around Mid‐July, and the visa application will not be completed in time. Please note that presenters from oversea are required to deliver the PDP presentation online.

For ISOM'22:
Selection of “Poster Only” indicates that the author is not willing to present an oral presentation. Selection of “Oral Only” indicates that the author is not willing to present a poster. With selection of “Oral Only” or “Poster Only,” the paper may be rejected if the committee determines that the paper will not fit in the chosen session type. The paper may be scheduled as an oral talk or a poster presentation at the discretion of the committee.