Entry to Japan

The following items will be needed to enter Japan.


All foreign visitors are required visas regardless of nationality. ERFS (Entrants, Returnees Follow‐up System) certificate will be necessary to apply for your visa.

Applicants must meet all of the following conditions to apply the visa:

The following documents will be issued to the applicants who has meet all of the above conditions:

If you wish to bring any accompanying persons and request the visa support for him/her with yours, he/she must be your legal spouse or children.

< Please read the following before applying the visa >

Visa Application Deadline

June 30, Thursday (Japan Local Time=GMT+9:00)

Regarding Border Enforcement Measures, please keep yourself updated with the latest information through links below.

* Click the button below to launch the e‐mail.
* Please contact the e‐mail address provided there. (XYZvisa|sapporo2022 XYZd-freedom|com)

KNT Corporate Business Co., Ltd. (CLEO-PR2022/ISOM'22/ODF'22 Registration desk) entrust the ERFS/Visa support services to Freedom Co., Ltd. Please acknowledge that beforehand and click the “Visa Application” button above if you would like to apply for visa.

Freedom Co., Ltd.
2-35-14 Nihonbashi Ningyo-cho Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0013, JAPAN


Have you completed all of the following conditions?

  • 1. You have submitted an abstract.
  • 2. Your paper has been accepted.
  • 3. You have completed the online registration.
  • 4. Your registration fee has been paid.

* Please note that you cannot apply for the Visa unless you have completed all the conditions above.