Plenary Speakers

CLEO-PR 2022

  • Prof. Kishan Dholakia

    Prof. Kishan Dholakia

    University of St Andrews, UK
    Title : All in a spin: rotational levitated optomechanics
  • Prof. Satoshi Kawata

    Prof. Satoshi Kawata

    Osaka University and RIKEN, Japan
    Tentative Title : Fluctuation for Nanophotonics
  • Prof. Michal Lipson

    Prof. Michal Lipson

    Columbia University, USA
    Title : The Revolution of Silicon Photonics
  • Dr. Peter Winzer

    Dr. Peter Winzer

    Nubis Communications, Inc., USA
    Title : Optical Communication Systems:
    Scaling Capacity and Energy


  • Prof. Chong Tow Chong

    Prof. Chong Tow Chong

    Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore
    Title : Non-volatile memory for data storage and Neuromorphic Computing


  • Prof. Masato Shibuya

    Prof. Masato Shibuya

    Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan
    Title : Lens Optics Brilliant Forever
    — Introducing new theories related to imaging —
  • Prof. David Brady

    Prof. David Brady

    University of Arizona, USA
    Tentative Title : Lens design for parallel super cameras